Counselor Application for Summer Camp

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St. Mark is a Serbian Orthodox Camp conducted in accordance with the teachings of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Camper is Baptized in the Orthodox faith?  

Church Affiliation:                                                                  Parish Priest Name:

(Select one - if interested in both camp weeks, you must register the 2nd week separately)

          Soccer/Church Camp:   CANCELLED
          All Sports/Church/Music Camp:   July 22-28 - includes Field Trip & Shirt  

St. Marks Summer Camp Application for Counselor:

1.Why do you want to volunteer at St. Marks Camp?

2. What does being a role model mean at camp?  Give examples.

3. What special skills do you believe you can offer the children at camp?

4. What is your favorite camp activity and why?

5. How would you handle a situation in which a camper didn't like or want to participate in a specific activity?

6. Besides camp, what other experience do you have working with youth?  Include volunteer work, clubs, ....



CAMP DISMISSAL: Any camper wearing clothing deemed inappropriate by the Camp Clergy or Camp Staff Member will be refused participation in camp activities until properly dressed. ANY BEHAVIOR UNBECOMING A CAMPER/COUNSELOR WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL.

REGISTRATION/CHECK-OUT: Camp check-in: Sunday 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., Camp check-out: Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 am 

SPENDING MONEY: Spending money for personal purchases of snacks during camp outings is extra. All campers/counselors are responsible for their own spending money. St. Marks Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen money.

ELECTRONICS: We have implemented a NO ELECTRONICS policy at camp. To send a very clear message about how strongly we feel about leaving cell phones & electronics at home, we have a zero tolerance cell phone/electronics policy. If we learn that any camper/counselor has a cell phone/electronics in camp, we will take it away and store it in our camp safe until closing day. 

Your full cooperation and understanding of camp rules and regulations will result in a happy camp experience. 

COUNSELOR Signature -  ​By placing initials in this box you agree to the above statement

Please apply to volunteer as a counselor.
Please fill out the vounteer counselor application.  We will review applications as they are received.  Medical forms will be provided once an applicant has been accepted.

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